Stop Caring About What Other People Think Of You

what other people think

We live in a world that puts a lot of influence on what other people think. This would make sense if these people were those who mattered in our lives but they don’t. So why do we care so much? It all comes down to fear of failure or a lack of self confidence.

Unless you are psychic you really don’t know what others are thinking and if you were a psychic you would see that most people are thinking the same way—worried about what you and others are thinking about them. It’s absurd and a waste of emotions.

Life is complicated enough without adding unnecessary worries into the mix. Instead of worrying about what other people think, try to focus on what you need to accomplish.

Placing your focus in the places that matters most leave little time to care what someone else is thinking or saying about you.

Be True to Yourself

Do you notice that you are drawn to people that don’t seem to give a sh*t what people think. It is just something so sexy about that person. She or he is really no different than you except they decided being true to himself or herself is more important.

That means if you like to wear plaid and strips together, rock on! Wear it with pride and that is what people will notice.

Take Lady Gaga for instance, how crazy is the way she dresses and her style is off the wall but that’s not what makes her so cool. It’s her attitude that shines through that meat suit or those funky wigs and crazy outfits.

Just imagine what other people think about her. And, guess what, she don’t give a hoot. That’s what draws people to her. She wasn’t always so confident. Lady Gaga used to be self-conscience about how she looked. She was told that she would amount to nothing. Look at her now!

Pick someone else in and around your world that isn’t famous but has a unique personality and style. Somebody who has the courage to go against all those judgmental stares.  At first, you will need the courage to give up caring about what people are thinking then you will find it freeing being true to yourself.

Next, you will notice people complimenting you because people are funny that way.  It will go from snickering to recognizing that you don’t give a sh*t and those snickers will turn into admiration.

He or she will admire and envy your courage to be you because those same snickering people are worried about what other people think too.

It Takes Preparation

Going from someone who agonizes over what people think to someone who don’t care, takes preparation. That prep work is in the area of self-confidence. The more your focus shifts to building confidence rather than what people are thinking the less and less concern you will be with what others are thinking. Practice makes perfect.

The more things that you do to feel better about yourself the easier it will be to step out in your own style.

Best of luck with becoming more self confident!


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