How To Keep A Conversation Going

how to keep a conversation going

Most people that have society anxiety somehow feel that he or she has to be perfect at everything and that includes mundane conversation. Only someone who is obsessed with being perfect would wonder how to keep a conversation going with a girl or guy. Dude, this isn’t rocket science it is just having a conversation.

If you are worried about the awkward silence, chances are you aren’t alone and that’s why so many conversations consist of fluff. How about those Mets?  If you give yourself a chance, you would quickly see that you have enough vocabulary arsenals to hold and to keep a conversation going.

Observation is Key

Take the next opportunity to listen to a nearby conversation between two people. Try not to seem as if you are eavesdropping, because nobody likes that, but listen to what the conversation is actually about. You will find that if the two people have similar friends or family, they are gossiping about one of them. Again, their conversation isn’t about rocket science and has nothing to do with world hunger or world peace. So lighten up!

Good conversation is rarer than you think but when it happens it is magical. You actually feel like you’ve participated in a match with equal opponents.  If that is the type of conversation that you are expecting every time—sorry to disappoint you.

Fluff Your Way

Most people like to talk about themselves and if you let the conversation go in that direction, you will always have something to talk about. For instance, a common question is “what do you like to do.” A person could keep a conversation going for hours just on that question alone.  Then, you can pick something from what was said and comment on how you like to do similar things.

If that sounds too much like a date type question, you could use something else like “Would you ever go skydiving?” Any question will do if it gets the person talking and keeps their focus on them and not you.

Most Conversations are Forgotten

Because most people are just talking to pass the time, the conversation that you have won’t be remembered in a few days anyway so why worry about it. That’s not to say that you aren’t interesting but it’s true. People are moving about and busy with other things so they won’t remember if you were interesting or not. That is unless you two make a connection than it won’t matter what you say anyways because she or he likes you already.

Be Yourself

Don’t be afraid to be transparent. Most people find this appealing because they are spending too much time trying to be cool. If you don’t appear marred by fumbling a little bit, you have just boosted your appeal in their eyes.

Trust Yourself

Turn off your brain and let the conversation happen. You just might surprise yourself with those witty comebacks. Just focus on having breezy conversations rather than saying the right things.


The only way to improve your conversation skills is to talk to people. This seems obvious but many people with social anxiety tend to shy away from conversations with others, especially strangers.

The art of conservation like painting, drawing, and driving takes practice and you will not be a master overnight. Forgive yourself if you stutter or say something awkward, it’s part of the learning process. Keep at it and before you know it you’ll be hit at most parties.

Best of luck!


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