How To Get Over The Fear of Rejection

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The fear of rejection rules the world for you if you have social anxiety. It is crippling to think that you will be rejected if you ask that girl or guy out and so you don’t. You would rather go home and play video games  or read because it’s safe.  There’s no one in that game or that love novel to reject you. That makes sense.

What if you could get over your fear of rejection, would you at least try? Just think of how your life might be if the fear of what might happen wasn’t looming over  your head. It would be like taking deep breaths all the time rather than short puffs of life.

Hot People Have Low Self Esteem

You might find this hard to believe but most attractive people (or what society deems attractive) have low self esteem. Just like you, he or she feels that they don’t measure up. Are you kidding me!  So the same anxieties and fears of rejection that you are experiencing for no reason, they are experiencing too. It’s just hidden by all those good looks :)

Surely, you’ve seen the person that isn’t all that “attractive” but seems to attract people like a magnet. You know the guy. He is the one sitting across from you with the hottest girl in the restaurant and even you can admit that you are more attractive than he is. So, how did he get her? Chances are, everyone else is thinking the same.

He has confidence and women love a man with confidence. Likewise, men are drawn to women oozing with confidence. There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance.

What’s the Difference?

The fear of rejection, for a person with self confidence, doesn’t have a chance because he or she is comfortable in their own skin and comfortable with their flaws (we ALL have flaws). They understand that they are unique and have a lot to offer because there is no one else in the world like him or her.  Now that is self-confidence!  Can I get an Amen!

Self-confidence or self acceptance is something that you can have too if you give yourself a chance. Remind yourself that you attract those who are worthy of your company. But first, you must feel that you are worthy of your own company.

Confidence is like a scent in the air that most people can’t resist. It is contagious and they want to be around it because they themselves battle with their own.

Going back to the example with the guy with the attractive girl, he is making her feel special and that’s the type of stuff that works. But it starts from within.

Don’t Take it Personally

Rejection is a part of life that can’t always be avoided no matter how charming you are. The key is not to internalize it and take it personally. The rejection doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it simply means you and the other person are not compatible.

You should give yourself credit for having the guts to put yourself out there. The more you challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone the lower your fear of rejection will be. Your confidence and fearlessness will actually draw more people to you.

It Starts with You

Stop trying to measure up. That doesn’t mean that you should not try to improve yourself. What it means is that you must realize that you start from a state of perfection because you are unique. Now, if there’s something that you would like to change about yourself you have the power to do it.

Changing or making self improvements should only stem from a personal growth not a feeling that somehow you are not good enough.

The fear of rejection can be crippling if you suffer from social anxiety. I’m glad you’re looking for help and trying to improve your life.

For more tips on dealing with rejection and becoming more self confident, I highly recommend you check out the Shyness And Social Anxiety System. It offers a detailed, step-by-step game plan for getting over your fear of rejection and other fears related to social anxiety.

Wish you all the best of luck!


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