Social Anxiety Therapy – How to Find the Right Therapist

how to find the right therapist, master social anxiety

Social anxiety disorder is treatable yet so few are treated. Although medication is available, social anxiety therapy options such as cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is the treatment recommended for social anxiety.

This form of social anxiety therapy is designed to teach you behavioral techniques that you can do without a therapist, eventually making you your own therapist. Essentially, this method of therapy gives you back control of your life.

Success depends greatly on having the right therapist. Not all therapists are created equal. One may be trained extensively, while another might be stronger in other areas of anxiety disorders.   Below you will find information to help you find and choose the right therapist for you.

With Insurance Coverage

If you have insurance coverage the best place to acquire a list of therapists in your area usually requires a phone call from the number on the back of your insurance card. You could also search by state to Find a Therapist on the Psychology Today website. However, it may be best to ask for a referral from your primary doctor, as some insurance carriers require this.

Without Insurance Coverage

If you don’t have health insurance, there is still hope. In fact, many therapist offer a sliding scale based on income. On their website, (the Anxiety Disorder Association of American) offers options for people with little or no insurance. While there, you can also search for a therapist by state.

Local health centers may offer mental health services at low or no cost as these organizations are funded by the state. Check HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) to find a health center near you.

If you are a college student, check with the psychology department for low cost social anxiety therapy options that may be available. Although sometimes limited to students only, some universities offer open sessions with graduate students for people who don’t attend the college or university.

Medicaid or Medicare

Medicaid offers mental health for United States citizens with low income who qualify. Likewise, for those over 65, Medicare is another option for those with low income.

Making the Call

Once, you’ve formed a list of at least three to five therapist in your area, making the initial call to schedule an appointment can be nerve-wracking so take your time.

Take a deep breath and remember that the office on the other end of the line are filled with professionals that can help and have helped many people overcome their fears through social anxiety therapy.

Interview the receptionist to make sure that this therapist is experienced in social anxiety therapy. Also address cost and if a sliding scale is available. Explain that you would like to meet with the therapist first before making a decision.

Once all is confirmed, set up an appointment for an initial meeting.  It’s best to make each appointment per therapist on different days.

Choosing the Right Therapist

Most experts agree that it best to meet with several, at least three to five, therapist before make your choice. Although, checking a therapist’s credentials are important, being comfortable with your therapist is equally if not more important.

Your first appointment is just a screening for you to get a better feel for the therapist and to ask questions before making your decision.

Take notice of how the therapist makes you feel. If you don’t get a good feeling than honor that feeling and move on to the next appointment.

Best of luck with with your social anxiety therapy!