Dealing With Social Anxiety

dealing with social anxiety

Dealing with social anxiety can seem like an uphill battle for those dealing with it every minute of the day. If you find your heart racing, palms sweaty, face red, dry mouth and trembling in the presence of people, but everything goes back to normal when you are alone, than social anxiety or social phobia may be the cause.

It is important to remind yourself that you are not alone. Millions of people, just like you, find themselves in a state of panic when interacting in society for one reason or another.

You may not even know it but the person sitting next to you right now is having a social anxiety attack because he or she is afraid of what you are thinking about them.  Just imagine that, and all this time you were worried about what he or she was thinking about you.

The fear of what others will perceive of you can be crippling to say the least. However, the good news is you are not weird, strange, bizarre, or odd and you don’t have some incurable disease. There is hope.

Dealing with social anxiety

Everyone, to some degree, experiences anxiety whether it be due to pressure to perform at work, school or speaking in front of an audience. What sets you a part is how it influences your life.

Think about the person who stutters, just imagine the panic that he or she must feel every time a need to speak should arise. And yet millions of people overcome their social anxiety from a stuttering problem everyday and you can learn to overcome your fears of social rejection too.

Facing your Fears Comically

In most cases, when you face your fears you will see that they aren’t as frightening as they seem. For instance, if you are concerned about what others will think of you, give them a good once over. Look at how her shoes turn over or how he has a stain on his shirt. These are the people that you are stressing over but they are no better than you are and in many cases worse off than you.

  • Adding a bit of humor defuses the situation most often. When you learn to laugh at yourself, you don’t put so much weight on how you are being perceived.
  • Practice speaking aloud in the mirror.
  • Replace the frightful and negative chatter with peaceful compliments

You are Perfect

Certainly, you’ve heard the saying, “nobody’s perfect.” Well, that depends on how you look at it. Resolve right now within yourself that you are prefect and that everyone else is perfect too in his or her own right. No one can do the things you do because he or she is not you.

Everyone is perfect and that means you are prefect too. Can you see that? Don’t judge yourself and others and look at how differences makes a person perfect, than everyone wins.

Learn to love the way you do things and appreciate that you may do the same thing as others but just in a different way. That makes you special.

I wish you the best of luck dealing with social anxiety. I know how challenging it can be and I’m glad you’re taking action.



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