Are You Depressed?

social anxiety and depression

Social anxiety and depression together is a combustible combination and a vicious loop for someone who suffers from both. Each disorder is a challenge to deal with single-handedly let alone together but many people with society anxiety also experience depression or vice versa.

Expert Research

Experts now know that somehow the two are linked and believe it or not these same experts are jockeying to see which one comes first as if that really matters to someone who is suffers from both disorders. If you detect a bit of cynicism here, it is only because placing the focus on helping rather than which comes first should be the objective in this author’s humble opinion. In all fairness to the experts, one could argue that the need to know which comes first could help with the prevention of the second disorder.

Fighting depression and on top of society anxiety can feel like a losing battle but it doesn’t have to be. So as depressing as it might seem, there are ways to help you feel better about yourself.

In fact, many people just like you deal successfully with both conditions on a daily basis. What’s important to realize is that each condition can feed off the other and just knowing this helps with putting things into perspective.

Creating a Routine

Many people who deal successfully with social anxiety and depression do so by having a routine. Having a regular routine that is positive gives a sense of control over one’s life.

Just having an idea of what you need to do each morning can make a positive difference compared to waking up without a clue. Your focus will inevitably land on how depressed you are, which then can activate those social anxiety symptoms.

A simple morning exercise routine of taking a 30-45 minute walk, run or jog is a huge way to start your day off with a positive spin. Moreover, exercise releases endorphins, which is the body’s natural feel good drug.

Goals & Responsibilities

A natural response to society anxiety and depression is to retreat from society. This response should be fought tooth and nail. In other words, give everything you have to stay connected to society. Accomplishing goals is one way to do this and it will make you feel better that you did.

Set realistic goals rather than setting yourself up to fail on a goal that impossible to achieve. For example, a realistic goal would be to hit the gym 2-3 times a week for an hour rather than go to the gym every single day for an intense 2 hour workout session.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy has a proven record of accomplishment for both social anxiety and depression. CBT is a type of therapy that can be used with or without medication to promote a certain way of thinking that helps the recipient work through symptoms of society anxiety and depression.

CBT recognizes that to fight social anxiety and depression takes mostly mental work. The idea behind CBT is to first start off working with a therapist for limited sessions  to help you learn how to recognize certain patterns of thinking and to combat these patterns eventually on your own. You begin to view your fears and circumstances more clearly, which transmit the power to you. In addition, CBT can teach you to manage stress.

Social anxiety and depression can be devastating for those who suffer from both but there is hope and many overcome them everyday.

I wish you all the best of luck!


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