5 Tips to Help Build Self Confidence

Build Self Confidence, Master Social Anxiety

An excellent example of self confidence is that of a newborn baby. Imagine the amount of confidence it takes to leave one world and cross the threshold to another:  small, fragile and naked and yet she or he knows, in most cases, that everything would be okay.

His or her environment alters that same child. Full of confidence, he goes from a child eager to try, to a child filled with doubt, as she gets older.

Can you remember that child? Do you remember ever feeling eager to try something as a child, even if it meant falling off the swing? Whatever happened along the way has shaped your feeling about yourself. The good news is, you can reshape and build self confidence.  These five tips to building your self confidence are just a beginning—something to get you thinking.

1. Tap into your child-like confidence again. It remains dormant, just beneath the mental surface, just waiting for you to scratch it.

Doubt and insecurities didn’t exist there and they don’t have to exist now. Remember, you were born with the self confidence that you need to succeed in this world so don’t let someone take that away.

2. Silence the thoughts that get in the way of self confidence. Keep in mind that you learned how to doubt yourself from someone else. To build self confidence it requires that you stop those thoughts right away.

Replace them with empowering words.  For instance, if you doubt your abilities to do anything, remember that any skill can be learned.

In an interview, Will Smith once said that he knew he was not the best looking person, nor was he the best actor but he could stay on the treadmill longer than anyone.

He was that determined that either his opponent would stop first or Will smith would die trying.

3. Use humor along with determination to build self confidence. Continuing with the example of Will Smith, it is funny that he used the treadmill analogy to demonstrate that he could do anything if he applied himself.

He recognized that there will always be a better actor or a better looking person but what they will never have is his drive and determination to succeed and that makes him unique.

Here’s a very motivational Will Smith Video.

4. Learn your strengths and weakness. Learning what you are good at and what you’re not is equally as important. You will begin to gain confidence in your ability to do more.

If there are areas about yourself that you wish to improve than do it one by one and you will see your self-confidence level rise.  You should never expect to be good at everything. Likewise, everyone is good at something. You just have to take the time to explore yourself.

5. Trust your voice. Take every opportunity to remind yourself that your inner voice and the way you feel matters. Don’t be afraid to speak up for the things that you want in life.

You have just as much right as anyone else to state your opinion. If you hesitate, ask yourself, what gives the next person more right than you to voice their opinion? The only difference is they exert their right and so can you.

Fake it until you make it. To build self confidence, pretend to be confident every moment of the day and eventually you will believe it and then you will know it to be true.

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