5 Relaxation Techniques to Help You Deal With Social Anxiety

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Millions of people experience social anxiety every day and yet you feel so alone when it happens to you. It is that uneasiness that can make life scary.

Unless you learn what triggers your anxiety and learn to face it, you will find a moment’s peace difficult to obtain. Living this way makes life difficult but with the help of relaxation techniques it doesn’t have to be.

Speaking in public, meeting with a boss, or superior, a police officer or being in confined spaces, like an airplane, or an elevator are all known triggers of anxiety attacks.

It is a natural reaction to want to avoid any sort of triggers but doing so only prevents you from living a fulfilled life. Instead, you can learn to deal with an episode as it arises.

Calming Yourself Down

All forms of relaxation techniques are designed to help you to calm down. Naturally when you are calmer you can think clearer and you will see that things aren’t as dire as they may seem.

The 10 seconds relaxation technique really works and can be done anywhere you feel anxious. It requires that you take a deep breath and hold it for five seconds while you tense up all the muscles in your body. Release each muscle while you exhale slowing for five seconds. This technique feels wonderful on the release and you will find that you are more calm afterwards.

Using humor is also another effective relaxation technique that can take your mind off the trigger causing the anxiety. So, while doing the 10 seconds technique find humor in the way you must look to onlookers. You have permission to laugh aloudJ

Writing is Calming

Whenever you are feeling a bit anxious grab a pen and paper (or your laptop) and write it out as if you are talking it out to someone. Get it all about. Don’t hold back. Cuss if you must but get it all down on paper. Some people call this keeping a stress journal but that title alone can be stressful.  There’s no right or wrong way to do this relaxation technique.

Let it All Hang Out

Surround yourself with people that you can talk to. That you can be yourself without fear of judgment or criticism. Let go, cry, scream or just talk it out until you are calm. If you don’t feel that you have anyone to talk to, a therapist, clergy or school counselor is good alternatives to family and friends.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Do something with your hands, draw, and paint or sew. Put your hands in the soil and start a garden. These are all effective relaxation techniques that you can use and they don’t cost a lot.

Walk in Nature

Exercise is not only good for you physically it is a great way to unwind. Go to a park and walk along the trails. Better yet, climb the trails along the creek, become one with nature, and feel that anxiety melt away.

Yoga and Tai chi are other excellent relaxation techniques that can be done outside or at home to help relieve stress and anxiety.

These are just some of my tips. If you have any relaxation techniques that you found helpful please share below!

Best of luck!


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  1. Annie says:

    Hi, I found your picture of this woman meditating and would like to use it on a CD I am making for the Feldenkrais Method with my business: Sensing Vitality on connecting with breath and bones to help improve movement, breathing and reduce anxiety. Can I have your permission to use this photo? If it is not yours, can you let me know who I can ask? Thanks so much– and this sight looks wonderful.

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