3 Most Effective Social Anxiety Self Help Techniques

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The most important truth that anybody with society anxiety needs to remember is that there is hope. It is easy to think otherwise but you must always remind yourself that the situation isn’t as dismal as you may think and all that may be required to feel a sense of relief is to stop and take a deep breath. You are about to read other social anxiety self help techniques that anybody can use to return to a state of calm.

Operating from a state of calm will allow you to see things much clearer and to make much safer decisions. When you are in a panic or anxiety state, you feel everything is much worse off than it really is and you should never make decisions in this state of mind.

Social Anxiety Self Help Technique #1 – Identify Triggers

Face the triggers that cause your society anxiety. For instance, if you fear rejection ask yourself what it is about rejection that is so bad. Naturally, no one wants to feel rejection but it doesn’t have to mean what we envision it to mean.

Another person’s rejection doesn’t make you a bad person, it just means that maybe you are not his or her type. He could like blonde-haired women with big boobs and you are a brown-haired woman with big boobs J. Maybe, she likes guys who are short and stout and you are taller.  In other words, his or her rejection doesn’t mean that you are hideous or no one will like you.

Think about the times when you said no to a date invite. Did you think that person was hideous or did you have other reasons why you said no? Maybe that person has other reasons too and don’t naturally assume that there is something wrong with you.

Social Anxiety Self Help Technique #2 – Self Improvement

Be prepared to do some work to improve things about yourself. Focus your attention on self-improvement rather than what YOU think people are thinking. In other words, don’t use what you think others are thinking to make self-improvements.

Instead, take a good hard, deep look outside and within yourself and if there’s things that you would like to improve about yourself than do so, one at a time.  As you take steps to make improvements, your self-confidence will also improve making you less self-conscience about what other people think.

Social Anxiety Self Help Technique #3 – Affirmations

The use of affirmations is an effective way to combat anxiety. Affirmations are compact speeches that you say to yourself repeatedly until you begin to internalize the affirmation. For instance, if you experience social anxiety when talking to strangers, you can use an affirmation that says, “I trust my instincts to guide me so I need not fear all strangers.”

By trusting your instincts you will begin to notice the different senses that you receive from strangers; thus, allowing you to be more at ease during conversations.

The power is in your hands and the sooner you realize that most of the work required is mental work than you will see that there are things that you can do to reduce or stop society anxiety in its tracks.

Your mind has incredible power and you have control over  how you use it to think and feel. With intent and practice, you will begin to recognize the power that you have.

Although they may be helpful, you don’t always need expensive medication and therapy to overcome social anxiety. It is possible to overcome on your own if you’re willing to be disciplined and dedicated to your goals.

Best of luck!


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